Maximalist Style Highlighted in Bari J’s Bold and Painterly Florals

Bold Colors and Painterly Florals Highlight Bari J’s Maximalist Style

Bold colors and painterly florals combine to highlight Bari J’s maximalist style in this collection for Art Gallery Fabrics. From vibrant monarch butterflies to fascinating big cats, this collection is sure to delight.

Inspired by the opulent botanicals and welcoming hospitality of the charming southern city that Bari J now calls home, Charlotte offers dramatic displays in bold shades of cornflower blue, green clover and rich violets.

Full Bloom

Full Bloom is a competition reality show that follows the journey of ten budding floral artists as they compete to create “Wonka-esque” works of art. It is hosted and judged by celebrity florists Elizabeth Cronin, Maurice Harris, and Simon Lycett.

The show is very well done and I love how the contestants are encouraged to interact with one another in a friendly, supportive environment. However, I wish that the show would have shown more moments of the competitors making inside jokes and displaying true comradery between them. It would have made the show even more enjoyable to watch! The production is well worth watching!


LillyBelle is a fashion brand that focuses on quality. Their clothing is designed to inspire confidence and help women feel their best. They also have a strong focus on inclusivity and offer plus-size options in their collection.

Turning the typical fairy tale story on its head, this fun and empowering tale shows readers that damsels don’t wait around to be rescued. Instead, they dash giants and thrash witches using their own quick-witted skills.

Explore a world of exotic creatures and patterns with this collection! Vibrant monarch butterflies, fascinating big cats, and colorful cranes are paired with floral compositions and abstract layouts. These prints will bring an enchanting element to any design!


Located in the borough of Camden, Bloomsbury is home to several academic institutions including University College London and Birkbeck College. The area also hosts a number of language and cultural institutions.

It is most famous for its literary associations and being the namesake of the Bloomsbury Group – an alliance of writers, artists and intellectuals that included Virginia Woolf, E. M Forster, and the economist John Maynard Keynes.

The Bloomsbury Group artists were heavily influenced by Roger Fry’s aesthetic theory of significant form, which stressed the importance of lines and forms within an image to stimulate aesthetic emotions. They frequently worked closely together, painting similar subjects such as interiors, views of their gardens and travels, and still lifes.


Inspired by the strength and beauty of the female spirit, Eve is a stunning collection featuring fierce cheetahs, graceful herons, and calming butterflies. These prints are sure to evoke a sense of elegance in any project. For a closer look at these fabrics, check out our YouTube video! You’ll be able to see the true colors and scale of the fabric and get some inspiration for your next project.

Behind the scenes, document versions are stored in a shadow collection that parallels the collection of each primary resource. This collection provides access to all the same query features that you’d expect on any other collection, including projections, pagination, sorting, and diffs.

Garden of Opulence

Bold colors, painterly florals and everything you love about Bari J is featured in this opulent collection. With a large lawned rear garden and just a short walk to Bournemouth’s award-winning Blue Flag beach Opulence is the perfect choice for a luxury holiday experience.

Featuring bold floral prints, strutting peacocks and dazzling butterflies, this darling collection is sure to delight! Feast your eyes on fascinating big cats, graceful herons, dainty dots and botanical alphabet prints paired with tossed feathers, floral compositions and vintage iconography.

The coordinating 10″ Stacker precut bundle includes 42 pieces. 100% Pima Cotton. 44/45″ Wide.


Designed by Bari J, Charlotte features a bold palette of vibrant cornflower blue, lush green clover and rich violets that burst with life and creativity. This floral fabric collection is sure to bring a breath of fresh air into your crafting room, perfect for embellishing fabrics like upholstery and dresses.

Bari’s prints often feature patterns of different scales and include a wide variety of motifs from nature, including rippling scallops and houses. Her florals are a staple of her designs, but she also includes a range of animal prints, from fascinating big cats to colorful cranes. Her Joie de Vivre fabric line also features pugs, butterflies and striking geometrics.

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